Largest Electricity Producer in Somaliland

Power Generation & Distribution facilities in Hargeisia

Oil & Gas Exploration

Solar Energy & Heavy Duty Power Generation

We are delivering Power & Electricity services
Shaping the Power Industry of Somaliland

Having a strategic partnership with SomPower enables Independent Energy to provide households and businesses with safe, secure and renewable energy solutions. Independent Energy is also active in the exploration of oil and gas in the region, partnering with RAKGAS, a leading UAE based energy company.

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Shaping the Power/Electricity Industry of Somaliland

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Independent Energy consists of Hargesia Electric & Independent Energy Capital and is a shareholder of Sompower. With our strategic partnerships, we are able to provide households and businesses with safe, secure & renewable energy solutions.

In Alliance with RAK Gas, Independent Energy Portfolio includes interest in Oil & Gas Exploration-stage & offshore blocks in the Horn of African region

Oil & Gas Explorations

Under Independent Energy Capital Corp in alliance with RAK Gas, the entities core business is into Oil & Gas Exploration. The portfolio includes interests in exploration-stage & offshore blocks in the Horn of African region.

Power Generation & Distributions

In Partnership with SomPower, Independent Energy enables to provide households & businesses with Safe, Secure & renewable energy solutions.

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